news time!

Aug 1, 2020 | news

Hi boys and girls,

this has been a very intense month for me. I spent the first half of it building my website and creating the Patreon profile. I also had to prepare some advertising. In the second half I published the first things.

Thank you for placing your trust in me and supporting me. This makes me very happy and motivates me to continue on this path.

The week was additionally turbulent for me privately, visits and work did not leave me as much time as I wanted. Luckily I have prepared a lot and can publish something every week for the next 3 months without having to do anything. The reserves give me the necessary buffer not to stress myself too much and to work on new things even if I have less time.

I’ve been thinking about various things this week.

One of them is how I want, need, can organize the downloads. Patreon is very impractical with his blog system. For now, this is how it has to work. But I would like to organize the downloads via my website in the near future. But I still have to test something and it will be necessary to set up a login area. I want to offer a comfortable overview and usability.

The other thing I was thinking about are the Patreon Tier level. I feel very uncomfortable treating supporters differently based on the amount of the contribution. I have no Patreon experience myself. So this is a new situation I have to deal with. Organizing with Early Access and Exclusive things above a certain amount of contribution takes time and is constantly on my mind. Measured by the time needed for the mods and the organisation of different levels, the 1€ just doesn’t make sense, especially when you take into account that Patreon keeps 20% of it for himself and PayPal 2,5%. I have therefore decided to leave only the 5€ option. The other options are disabled. For those who still donated 1€. You will get the published stuff in August. As it was announced with one month delay. From September on there are only releases for the 5€ supporters. I know there are many Sims 4 Creater, everyone wants something and depending on where you live in the world, 5€ is a lot or little. For me in europe, 5€ is not really much, but I think it’s an amount I feel comfortable with and hopefully my supporters. For all those who think 5€ is too much. Please be patient. I’m also thinking about how I can offer public versions on my website step by step. Not the demos like now, but with all colors. But there will always be exclusive stuff for supporters!

The last thing I am thinking about is setting up a discord server. As an option for you to have a more direct line to me. So that you can post pictures or links of clothes that you would like to have in the Sims. I would also like to see screenshots of your Sims and how you combine the clothes from me.


I would be happy about your feedback!

Enjoy it and have fun!