Some important news!

Aug 20, 2020 | news

Hi, guys,
the past weeks I have been working on how I could combine Patreon and my website to make the download more clearly organized. I have tried and read a lot, as well as seen some videos about Patreon and Membership. After all this I came to the decision to leave Patreon behind. The functionalities of the platform are rather limited and I don’t feel any added value that Patreon stands between me and my supporters. A lot of things seem to be realized via third party solutions. Anyway, I was busy and integrated a member area into my website. Which is online now.

How does it go on?
I will pause the charge on Patreon for September. So there will be no more payment on Patreon. I will publish mods on Patreon until the end of August, so you can relax and enjoy August. From September on I will only publish directly on my website. If you want to support me further, you can do that directly on my website. see

I know this is a lot of back and forth in a short period of time. But on my website I have full control and I am independent from any platform if they come up with something new. So I’d rather do the move now at the beginning than sometime in a year or two.

To make the move a bit more palatable to you, I will be offering a Codpiece suit for all supporters on my website in early September.
See sneek peek.




PS: A Discord Server is still work in progress, but does not have a high prio right now.

Edit: Because I received a question by email. You can cancel the Subscription at Patreon, but you have to subscribe new at my website. You can wait for it until September, so that you do not pay twice. I will close this Patreon site in September.