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To create mods, you need time, passion and fun to do this. I like to be creative and I want the stuff for my Sims but can’t find it anywhere. So if you like or even love my mods, you would like to have more of them and you appreciate the work I put in here, I would be happy about your donation. This is not only an appreciation of my work, but also helps me to cover costs like for the website, program licenses and so on. You also should know that I create these mods in my free time. So I still have a full-time job for paying my bills.

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If you want to know what I’m working on, check out my roadmap.


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  • No account will be created on my website. You can use the links on my website to get to the specific patreon posts and download it.

!!! I have deactivated the option to support me with PayPal. The reason are a few EU tax regulations. These make PayPal payments more complicated for me than payment via Patreon. Existing PayPal support will continue for now, but I’ll have to see if they can continue. !!!

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I love you Bob!

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