Update: Latex 3D mesh

Jul 23, 2020 | news

Hey guys,

I worked on a new mesh! During this process I updated the old one too.

Sooo… because of I have a order quirk I make a new sort! Sorry for this, but If I didn’t do this it would be like a constant itching in my head to see it. Oh my god…

Ähm… the old P2 is now P3, and the new mesh is now P2. In my mind I have ideas for two more meshes, this will be P4 an P5. Than I will finished with this for the latex ones.

You can download the updates of the suits here. You have to delete the old one!

And the new “P” files need the basic version to work. I had to realize that the downloads become enormously large if I make each P variant completely independently. Since this is not necessary, they always refer to the texture of the P1 variant.

Enjoy it and have fun!