Hello folks, here I want to give you a small overview of what I plan to do with mods. So you can see better where the journey with me goes.

Neoprene Update


I’m working on more neoprene sets and I want to create more harnesses. At the Moment I will use the latex penis meshes also for the neoprene ones, but I will check in future if they get own.


For the future it is also very important to me to make lycra clothes. This will take some time. For one thing, there is lot to do with the latex and neoprene at the moment. To the second, I have to develop for lycra textures a good look and feel. They will also get other penis meshes, because lycra is not so taut and tight like latex.

I also want to create some sexy casual clothes like socks, shorts and tops. As shown here: barcodeberlin, addicted, jor, andrew christian


Some more

ideas are in my head, like: Gas masks, hands and feet bonds, collars, leashes, pet play masks and stuff, super heroe suits … ohh there is so much more that’s fun. If you have any suggestions let me know!