Here I would like to give you an overview of what is happening in the behind the scenes, what is on my plan or wish list. So you can see where the journey with me goes. But attention, the things listed here are not a promise, but much more a wish. Everything needs time and that is known to be scarce. With some things I still have to experiment, because I mainly learn how to do it while I do it.

Unfortunately, I have a little Sheldon in me and have to do things my way or in a certain order or already finished rearrange again. 🤪🙄 This leads to the fact that it can sometimes take a little longer, I’m sorry. For this you can be sure that I work on the best possible result.

You are welcome to send me something for the wish list, as far as it is possible I implement it, but I give no promises for it.



Websites that inspire me, or from which I get ideas and templates for my mods:

LATEXDSIMON OLatex CatfishMISTER BMR-S-LEATHER665 LeatherFORFUNADDICTEDPUMP!JORAndrew ChristianMASKULOJoe SnyderBarcode BerlinBoxer BarcelonaSlickItUp



New things I’m already working on or want to work on:

  • Latex gloves, socks, sleeves with more than one color for more customization with the suits
  • Latex masks, new variations, without the ears like in mask 1 and 2
  • Latex skirt and dress
  • Latex nurse outfit?
  • Neoprene hood to complete the swimsuit
  • Neoprene masks?
  • Neoprene singlets and variants
  • Neporene harness for lower body maybe also new for upper body
  • Neoprene straps for women (supporter request)
  • Neoprene harness for women, one or two
  • Textile leggings
  • Textile singlets (Barcode Berlin style)
  • New pattern like leopard, snake and camouflage
  • Some gas masks would be great
  • Puppy mask and tail



Things I have to touch again because there are errors or something bothers me:

  • Neoprene gloves and socks, I will add more lenghts



There is always something to do on my website. Some things can be optimized, I don’t like anymore or should be automated. But I don’t list anything. The sentence should only show that I also build on the website and need time.