News somthing with latex

Sep 26, 2022 | news

Hello everyone,

I will soon update step by step some of the latex clothes. My focus is on the suits, singlets and the underwear. There are a few mistakes in the files. I have unfortunately links to non-existing 3D data in there and because I use my own mods as templates for new ones these mistakes are always copied. In itself, the mistake with the dead links does not seem to be critical, but I would like to fix them. I have copied the mistake also in some Neoprene clothes purely. Unfortunately, I noticed it during the creation of textile clothing. But if I already revise almost all latex clothes again, I will also make a few more corrections. My previous way to group and sort things in CAS was a bad idea. Unfortunately this becomes more confusing with every new mod. So there will be a new CAS sorting and I will rename some mod files. I also make some minor corrections in the latex 3D meshes. Thereby i will remove the P5 variant. I don’t like it myself and don’t use it. If you use it, it will still work, but I won’t rework the sorting and won’t make any corrections to it. It will also not be included in the download after the mod is revised.

Furthermore, I will remove the separation of the 3D meshes P1 for public and P2-P4 for supporters. At the beginning this was maybe a good idea, but with the amount of mods the administration effort for the maintenance of doubled downloads grows. In the process of the updates I will also make all P variants available to the public downloads for already published mods with 3D meshes. But I want to do this only after the updates. In the future all P variants will be public.

Of course I don’t want to do only updates. I will continue to publish new stuff, but because of the effort it is important to inform you in advance. As far as possible I want to publish in rotation an update and something new.


Have fun!