New EA rules for Custom Content

Aug 2, 2022 | news

Shortly after EA published new rules for created mods. Someone immediately asks when he can get all my mods for free. The rule change I have not even noticed. But now I feel forced to write something about it.

First of all, I don’t think much of it and I don’t think EA is doing themselves any favors. And all the Sims 4 players who are happy, in my opinion, do not understand why what they celebrate will have a negative impact.

Everyone who buys the game “The Sims 4” is eligible only for the content that EA delivers to you. EA wants money for new DLC content. This is legitimate and ok. Work and time costs money and developers have to pay bills. People seem to see it that way and give EA money for new content. My impression is that players think they have a right when they buy the game also to the work of creative people who create modifications and expansions. But they don’t. All mods are optional. We don’t need them to play The Sims 4, but they enrich and individualize the game for everyone. They enliven the community and keep the game alive.

I understand that with millions of mods and thousands of creators, you don’t want to pay for every mod and can’t support everyone with a donation. But that does not mean that you have to have every mod. If I want to have a mod absolutely and the creator offer that only for money, then it is as it is, because he decides about his work. You can get upset like a little kid in a candy store, but it doesn’t give you the right to get the work for free. For all those who see it differently I say. If you want to have a certain content in the game that EA doesn’t offer, sit down learn how to mod and create the content yourself. That’s 1000 times better than taking other people’s lifetime and work for free and claiming it as a gift.

Since I’m not one of the creators who earn thousands of euros with it, so still have a normal job, and the money I get at most a better pocket money is, I would probably, if it comes hard, rather stop and delete all downloads. My mods, my work is mine. I created the mods because I wanted them in the game and sharing them with the community is my decision. When and how I make them available to everyone is not something I allow to be imposed on me. And if I have to delete my mods and website, I can continue to use my mods and create new ones.

I’m going to see how the community and EA deal with it and then I’ll decide how it goes for me and my mods.

At this point to all who support me nice longer time and also to those who have given me only once 6€ for the download of all finished mods, I say 1000 thanks! This means a lot to me, it helps me, it motivates me and now and then I bought a fetish part in real for me from the money. Thank you thank you thank you!

Have a nice, relaxed and happy life!

Love greetings