Neoprene M Singlet 2 T-Brief Backless

Feb 3, 2024 | neoprene, supporter


Requires: Sims 4 base game
Gender: male
Gender exclusive: yes
Age: teen, young adult, adult, elder
CAS Category: full body > lingerie
Outfit Type: sleep, swimwear
Swatches: 29
Color Tags: added
Random: disabled
Texture size: 2048 x 4096
3D mesh upper body: EA, Luumia BOD-E II and Lean, Simdulgence Beefy, Bulky and Toned, GOLYHAWHAW ENHANCEDANATOMY
3D mesh lower body: P1-P4

Mod overview: neoprene suits and singlets for men

Filesize: 78.26 MB
Version: 1.3

last change: 2024-Feb-03

2022-Oct-15 | Release

New neoprene singlet available. With different upper and lower body meshes for flexible customization.

2023-Feb-19 | Update

The textures and the 3D mesh got a little update and I added the Toned upper body variant.

2023-Mar-19 | Update

I had to adjust the 3D mesh again. You probably wouldn’t have seen it, but I couldn’t live in peace without correcting it. So there is an update again.

2024-Feb-03 | Update

Small texture update and TAG adjustment.

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