Neoprene M Harness Atika

May 27, 2022 | neoprene, public


Requires: Sims 4 base game
Gender: male
Gender exclusive: yes
Age: teen, young adult, adult, elder
CAS Category: accessories > wrist right
Outfit Type: sleep
Swatches: 45
Color Tags: added
Random: disabled
Texture size: 2048 x 4096
3D mesh: included

Mod overview: neoprene accessories for men

Filesize: 1.51 MB
Version: 1.2

last change: 2021-Jul-23

2020-Aug-24 | Release

Today I release the first neoprene harness. It is available in two versions, one for EA upper bodys and one for muscular upper bodys.

2021-Jan-30 | Update

The Neoprene update is here. It took me a while, but now it is done. I have created my own meshes for the neoprene clothing and adapted the previously published things. I also added new color variations and renamed the files. So I recommend you to delete the old Atika Set files and check your Sims. Whether everything still fits and sits. I hope you like it.

2021-May-27 | Update

SORRY, there was a problem with the harnesses Atika and Badger. I didn’t notice it myself for a long time. Then I searched for the error for a while. But it seems that it was not the 3D model. The mod file itself was corrupt. But this concerns only the EA upper body version, the muscle version was fine. I had to recreate the file for the EA upper body. So your Sims lose the piece of clothing and have to be outfitted with it again.

2022-May-27 | Public Release

The Atika harness is available for public download as of today.

Please don’t claim as your work, re-upload or publish direct links to the download. Thank you!