Latex M Top 02 Longsleeve

Aug 11, 2023 | latex, public


Requires: Sims 4 base game
Gender: male
Gender exclusive: yes
Age: teen, young adult, adult, elder
CAS Category 1: upper body > t-shirts and tank top
CAS Category 2: head > facepaint
Outfit Type: sleep
Swatches: 30
Color Tags: added
Random: disabled
Texture size: 2048 x 4096
3D mesh: EA, Luumia BOD-E II and Lean, Simdulgence Beefy, Bulky and Toned, GOLYHAWHAW ENHANCEDANATOMY

Mod overview: latex tops for men

Filesize: 55.43 MB
Version: 1.3

last change: 2023-Aug-11

2020-Oct-28 | Release

Today I publish a latex longsleeve shirt for men.

2020-Dec-04 | Update

I added two colors to all latex clothes. During my work on some multicolored suits I noticed that transparent black is missing. So I added that as well as a dark variant of the previous smoke grey.

I also set the “situation” tag” to sleepwear for all my clothes. I got a two mails in which I was told that there are some townies in funny outfits running around. I can’t really understand this until today, but I noticed that as a new modder I very carelessly switched on all “situation” tags. The clothes are now labelled as pure sleepwear. Random outfits are generally switched off.

2021-Nov-19 | Update

All latex tops for men have received an update. They are now selectable as a makeup. So you are free to use them with other meshes as well. And you can even use the colors, brightness sliders.

2022-Feb-16 | Public Release

The longsleeve shirt is available for public download starting today.

2023-Aug-11 | Update

Texture update, TAG adjustment, sort order and additional upper body meshes was added. Now you have the same selection as with the Textile Tops. The files were also renamed see readme file.

Please don’t claim as your work, re-upload or publish direct links to the download. Thank you!