Big Update

Dec 4, 2020 | news

Hi guys!

Today I have a big update for you. Actually it’s a small one, but considering the mass of mods it is very big.

First I added two colors to all latex clothes. During my work on some multicolored suits I noticed that transparent black is missing. So I added that as well as a dark variant of the previous smoke grey.

I also set the “situation” tag” to sleepwear for all my clothes. I got a two mails in which I was told that there are some townies in funny outfits running around. I can’t really understand this until today, but I noticed that as a new modder I very carelessly switched on all “situation” tags. The clothes are now labelled as pure sleepwear. Random outfits are generally switched off.

Since I’ve edited all the mods anyway, I’ve changed the file names of some of them slightly. This only makes sorting in the folder easyer.

I don’t edited the neoprene atika set, only renamed the Tek harness, because I will now work for the neoprene meshes and after that I have to edit the neoprene anyway. Male latex singlets and some other things are finished and wait for release.

I know it is a lot to download, so I created a big zip file with all updated files. You can delete the old one except the atika set in your Sims 4 mod folder. No Sim should lost ther clothes. This are the same mod files just with two swatches more.

Have fun!