a little roadmap

Jul 22, 2020 | News

Hi guys,

I want to share a litte roadmap with you. To help you better understand what to expect.

At the moment I creating manily basic latex parts. So like socks, gloves, underwear and tops of different typ with the basic colors. So that there is a solid base as in every fetish store. After this I will create more complex things, with multicolor and so. I also want to create some pattern like leo print and maybe, if it looks well a smaller second color palette with metallic or special colors.

I also want to improve the masks. For this I have to create some meshes, that looks well with different heads. Because latex is so tight, I had some issues at the first try.

Here I orientate myself for the latex parts https://latexd.wixsite.com/tightshiny/home 

Besides that I am working on two more neoprene sets, Badger and Cheetah. For the neoprene chothes I have also some orientation from some different online shops. At the Moment I will use the latex penis meshes also for the neoprene ones, but I will check in future if they get own.

For the future it is also very important to me to make lycra cloths, everyday clothes an also suits. This will take some time. For one thing, there is lot to do with the latex and neoprene at the moment. To the second, I have to develope for lycra textures a good look and feel. They will also get other penis meshes, because lycra is not so taut and tight like latex.

In the long run there will also be more choice in harnesses. I like this stuff and want to wear my Sims with it.


I hope you like this!