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back again

back again

Hello everyone, dear supporters, I had a break of 2 months now and I had to realize that in that...

I take a break

I take a break

Hello everyone, dear supporters, as announced at the end of October, there will be no new mods...

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Hello and welcome

I am Bob and I creating custom content for the Sims 4.

I don’t play the game as intensively as other players, but I like to create new content. Especially because thanks to various mods, adult gameplay is possible. Although there are already lots of mods and clothes I miss some things in the game. Like in real life there is a lot of variety for women but only some for men. So I started to create some of them by myself.

My focus is on sexy underwear for men. This includes fetish clothing made of latex, neoprene and lycra. And various things like harnesses, wristbands and so on. Depending on that, I will also make clothes for women if I consider it important. You should know that I create these mods in my free time. So I still have a full-time job for paying my bills.

At the moment I stopped creating mods for the Sims 4, because my private environment has changed and I need more time for other things. Since there are a lot of mods and it took me a lot of time, I continue to offer them for a small donation. I think this is a fair offer. Just a coffee and a piece of cake as a thank you for the mods. More details at support me.

I hope you like my creations and enjoy them.
Have fun browsing through my website.